Heineken: The Better Halves

Your better half can win you a ticket for the Final


Following Heineken’s global “Match Your Half Ticket” campaign, we had to create a local activation to give away 3 tickets to the UEFA Champions League final in Lisbon.


Men in Bulgaria are truly passionate about football. And in order to watch every game, keep track of every score, and see every goal, sometimes they have to sacrifice some of the attention they give to… their better halves!


Since we had to pick the three most passionate football fans, we decided to ask them to do the unthinkable: ask their better halves to get the ticket for them.


We challenged the better halves to sing the Champions League Anthem live. Three of them, who performed closest to the original Anthem, brought home the second half of the ticket, and gave their loved ones the ultimate gift — a place at the Champions League Final.

“The guys are absolutely loving it!"

Fast Company

The microsite

The microsite was the first point of contact for most of the contestants. It had to be straightforward and easy to browse, and lead people to register to participate.

The event

At a special event in Sofia, all the better halves came together and had to sing in a choir, in front of an audience. Using custom-made technology, we detected in real time which one of the participants sang with the timing closest to the one in the original recording.

The technology

Having flexibility, security and physical stability in mind, we created a complex system to make the event happen. We built a custom registration platform, to easily divide all participants in groups due to the limited spaces on stage. Every microphone there was connected to a bespoke circuit board, created by Robotev, which had to measure the accuracy of the timing of every contestant. The boards were then connected to an Arduino module, which managed the results and instantly uploaded them to a remote server for extra security.

Awards & recognition

  • FARA 2014
    Gold, One-to-One Communication
  • FARA 2014
    Gold, Communication Campaign: Products
  • FARA 2014
    Gold, Media Campaign